Seeking Union with God Online Course

The “Seeking Union with God” Online Spiritual Formation Course is a 12-lesson course with information and practical exercises to help a person develop a closer union and a deeper personal relationship with God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). It draws from the teachings of the Bible, Catholic Church and Saints.

The program consists of the following 12 lessons that you go through online at your own pace:
1. Discovering Our Ultimate Purpose
2. Our Ultimate Decision
3. An Introduction to Prayer
4. Meditation and Contemplation
5. Problems in Prayer including Distractions and “Unanswered” Prayer
6. Growing in Holiness and Virtue
7. Renewing Our Mind and Heart/The Truth Will Set You Free
8. Developing (or Finetuning) Your Own Spiritual Rule of Life
9. Overview of the Stages of the Spiritual Life
10. Importance of the Mass and Eucharist
11. How to Love God and Our Neighbor
12. Discernment and Various Topics related to Spiritual Direction

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