33 Days to Eucharistic Glory for Holy Family Adult Faith Formation

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory by Matthew Kelly
is the first-ever Eucharistic Consecration.

“This spiritual resource presents profound truths, astonishing historical facts, powerful practical examples, a daily virtue to adopt, extraordinary prayers, and inspiring stories—all in an easy-to-follow daily format… Prepare yourself for an explosion of grace in your life. Grace is the assistance God gives us to do what is good, true, noble, and right. And there is no better way to receive God’s grace than through the Eucharist. Over the next thirty-three days you will learn how these great saints and others lived in Eucharistic Glory.” (Dynamic Catholic website)

This program uses the book 33 Days to Eucharistic Glory. To order the book or for more information go to Dynamic Catholic at: https://www.dynamiccatholic.com/33-days-to-eucharistic-glory/33EG.html. It is also available at Amazon.com.

You may go through this program on your own or with an accountability partner.

If interested, here is a free download for a study guide for small groups: 33 Days to Eucharistic Glory Study Guide

The videos below by Fr. Jonathan Meyer are for each of the 33 days to accompany the book. Fr. Jonathan Meyer is from All Saints Parish, Guilford, IN (allsaintscatholic.net)

Day 1 – Where are you going?

Day 2 – A Radical Difference

Day 3 – Your Last Day

Day 4 – What’s Your Focus?

Day 5 – Choose Joy

Day 6 – Embrace Your Season

Day 7 – The Secret of Surrender

Day 8 – Mother Teresa and You

Day 9 – Start Your Day Like A Saint

Day 10 – The Little Things

Day 11 – Who Are You?

Day 12 – Your Hidden Talents

Day 13 – Who Is With You?

Day 15 – Time to Rest

Day 16 – What Do You Offer?

Day 17 – A Walking Miracle

Day 18 – The One Thing

Day 19 – Your Last Mass

Day 20 – What Matters Most?

Day 21 – A Beautiful Opportunity

Day 22 – What Are You Hungry For?

Day 23 – The Most Precious Gift

Day 24 – Discover Your True Ancestors

Day 25 – Everyone Needs To Know

Day 26 – Check Your Language

Day 27 – The Power of Fatima

Day 28 – The Unbroken Promise

Day 29 – Are You All In?

Day 30 – Your Profound Influence

Day 31 – Believe The Impossible

Day 32 – Let’s Go To The Temple

Day 33 – Give Your All